The company

We operate in water treatment, with experience and professionalism, recognized by the best operators in the sector and design studios. The many years of experience gained in the sector of Air/Water Treatment plants is able to offer the ideal solution for every requirement.

Annalisa Lo Porto

CEO & Founder of the leading company in water treatment solutions, he takes care of the company with the intention of supplying water of excellent and pure quality through small systems for domestic use, water dispensers for offices and restaurants, large systems intended for industry, for healthcare facilities, water for cruise ships, and much more. Great and significant experience in the construction and maintenance of both public and private swimming pools, and above all of drinking water plants contaminated by all types of chemical and biological pollutants, especially in the agri-food sector. Supported by her specialized team, she has always been committed to creating new ways to bring cleaner and healthier water and leave an indelible mark, in the sectors covered, thanks to quality and sustainable products and excellent customer service.

Our team

The Casciana Acque engineering office is well qualified and can help customers choose the best treatment solution to meet their needs, providing technical advice and support in all phases of the project. In addition, it offers specialized training services to help its customers better manage their water treatment plants.
Plant installation
Supply of spare parts
Fast and professional interventions

From A to Z

We offer installation, maintenance and spare parts services for industrial and private water systems. Our range of services includes the design, installation, maintenance and replacement of all components of a water system, including: pumps, valves, pipes, fittings, filters and more. We are also able to provide technical advice and customer support, offering a wide range of specialized services including replacement of damaged parts, fault repair, system maintenance, filter replacement and more. With a support network, our technicians and experts are able to intervene quickly and professionally anywhere.