Chemical products




For swimming pools and spas

Water is the fundamental element for the beauty and health of swimming pools and spas. We guarantee high quality results and an unprecedented wellness experience.



The filtration and circulation system is the beating heart of the pool and, with the chemical treatment, serves to preserve the purity of the water from deterioration due to various factors (surrounding vegetation, insects, normal bathing of those who enter it, atmospheric precipitation, climate , etc.). At the same time, a good system guarantees the correct maintenance of the quantity of water present in the tank.

With targeted water treatment systems, private, public, receptive, thermal and water park swimming pools will be able to benefit from PERFECT WATER, of exceptional purity.

The fundamental phases of correct water circulation and purification are: recovery of water from the tank (through the skimmers or the overflow edge), filtration, disinfection with chemical products, possible heating and reintroduction of the same through special nozzles.

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Chemical products

Disinfect your pool water!

Casciana Acque has a vast assortment of products for your swimming pool and over the years has developed ad-hoc chemical control and dosing systems.

Chemical products for swimming pools are those which allow you to keep the water in your swimming pool disinfected. Precisely because it is a chemical substance that must be added to the water where you will bathe, it is good that they are of good quality. Products based on liquid, granular or tablet Chlorine, products based on Oxygen for those who "do not want to smell the smell of chlorine".

To these are added other products such as swimming pool flocculant which is very useful in case of water degradation, liquid anti-algae which is very important as a preventive in the formation of algae and disinfectant covering on fungi and warts.

Liquid or powder PH reducer and PH corrector plus. The liquid is suitable for those who have an automatic product dosing system, the granular is used "manually".

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Casciana Acque has a wide range of pumps, pre-filters and blowers for every type of pool.

The pumps or electric pumps have a fundamental role in the filtration and circulation system of a swimming pool, which consists in sucking the water from the swimming pool, through the skimmers or from the balance tank, and sending it to the filter before channeling it to the inlets , after filtration and subsequent dosing of disinfection products.

To choose the most suitable filtration pump, it is essential to evaluate the volume of the tank, and the distance between the tank and the compartment where the system is housed. The pumps are also important for the correct functioning of any water features, whirlpools and fountains.



Casciana Acque has a wide range of accessories for swimming pools.

The choice of accessories is essential to give efficiency and completeness to the system, but above all to ensure harmony with the coatings that characterize the pool.

We have the following accessories:

The cleaning of the pool water (impurities, insects, leaves…) can take place through a particular intake, technically defined as a skimmer, inserted into the wall of the pool and positioned in the upper part so as to suck the water from the surface part of the pool.

Fundamental for the manual cleaning of the pool and a special nozzle is placed on the wall, called the "pool bottom cleaning attachment" nozzle.

We create systems for pools for competitive sports use, using equipment and accessories necessary for all phases of training by athletes in the water, required by current sports regulations.

Showers, ladders, trampolines and much more…

We offer a wide range of underwater lights for swimming pools able to satisfy and embellish your outdoor or indoor space, from more traditional lighting to halogen lamps, or by choosing white or multicolor LED lights, etc.

Whirlpools, waterfalls, whirlpools, rivers, swimming against the current, wet walls, neck massages, and much more…

line of intelligent automatic cleaners for all types of swimming pools

Compact and resistant heat exchangers for different types of swimming pools, which not only allow you to always have hot water, but also to regulate the temperature as you wish.

Fundamental in winter and during the warmer months, swimming pool covers are the ideal solution for reducing management costs and lengthening the "life" of swimming pools. We offer many application solutions in order to satisfy every need in terms of energy saving, cleaning and safety.